Hi, i'm heather

An Alaskan-raised wild woman who has found ways to navigate hard times and turn them into blessings. I have helped over a thousand free spirits transform their lives  for over 30 years.

I create sacred dance spaces, hold women's circles + coach + training powerful womxn on their paths towards self-sufficiency, self-love, self-mastery + sharing their sacred gifts with grace, confidence + ease.

I am a soul-driven entrepreneur, founder of Priestess Apprentice + a sacred activist committed to the wellbeing, sovereignty + manifesting power of highly intuitive + passionate womxn who are seeking more flow, more abundance + greater harmony in their business + lives.

Work with me or join one of my sacred circles to ignite your passion, share your sacred gifts or get that souldriven business reaching the masses!

I'm so glad you're here!

In the freedom + sovereignty of all womxn + their ability to create joy, abundance + meaning in their lives + the inclusion of all genders +  BIPOC voices at the table.
In being caretakers + stewards of the Earth + our neighbors without the burnout.
In the power of healing our sacred, ancient wounds in the circle to create a better planet together.
In the fact that as hard as we try, we can't do it alone.
In clean water, beautiful ocean air + music on a starlit night.
Delicious food + abundance for ALL. 

i believe

a nice portuguese pink

coffee or wine?

introverted extrovert

introvert or extrovert?

on the beach or in the forest

my perfect day will be

I'm a former high school teacher


rasberry hibiscus cooler

My favorite drink is

hot baths and sweet music

I can't live without

the fun facts


"I am stepping into my most powerful, passionate self since my most recent session. The amount of confidence that has come through is mind blowing. Bring it on, life! Stepping out into my day and life with a stronger sense of who I am, what I want to create and am so ready to take it on! I can do it, I can do it...it's already done."

LAURA AZSman, portland

"My life has exploded since my reading with you! All positive. I decided that I was not going to wait for "perfect" circumstances to step into my power. I got approval to start a local HT professional association chapter and I have had a lot of new clients booking with me. They are having rapid shifts and amazing results after a session. I can't thank you enough"


"Through this process Heather gave me the space, time, guidance and permission to investigate my true feminine nature, my self, my past, my present and future. It provided me with the tools to create my own soul medicine by following my instincts and intuition, investigating what works best for me and what aligns mostly with who I really am. The activities of the training helped me get out of my depression, empower my self, and helped me to evolve and grow as a woman and a priestess."

maro vedava, greece

"Heather helped me dig deep into issues and traumas from my past to identify why I was struggling in the present- she asked tough questions that probed me to go inward and change the existing programming that was holding me back. She also held me accountable to developing a more disciplined and habitual spiritual practice to keep myself on track through tough times. I had a transformative experience and came out with a lighter, more positive and relaxed person.”

sonia tapryal, Portland

"I'm so grateful you've been on our path. We've never met such a master. Since we came back from France, we've found the land where we want to live. It's a beautiful valley with a permaculture community. Even the banker agrees to give us a big loan! Tomorrow, I have a special meeting with Pachamama. I didn't feel the call for 18 months, but I know that now is the time, and I'm very excited about it. I'm doing better with my daughters (since our sessions). Life is so beautiful! I just wanted to share my joy and gratitude with you."

annete gilLEron, portugal

I'm a former lawyer


mojitos please!

My favorite drink is

Coffee and morning breaks

I can't live without


red wine every night!

coffee or wine?

proud extrovert over here!

introvert or extrovert?

at the beach

my perfect day will be

the fun facts


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heather straube works with highly passionate womxn in oregon, california & worldwide.