Fully embrace your divine feminine powers,  sacred gifts & the need to serve.
Learn to embody sacred leadership by unravelling ancestral trauma, igniting your soul's purpose & getting back to YOUR MEDICINE

"to walk the road of the priestess is to be self-empowered, connected to spirit & living a life of devotion, soul alignment & deep service."

your role as visionary, changemaker & leader is waiting for you

the earth is waiting for you to shine, sister

The very fact that you're alive at this sacred, most special time in human history - is a miracle!

YOU WERE BORN for these times. Your heart, your hands, your womb, your listening & speaking, those amazing sacred gifts.

The Earth is calling you to activate your soull's calling...

to LEAD & usher in a new era of cooperation, peace, balance & love for the planet.

You've done the interpersonal work, you have the vision, motivation & skill & YOU have journeyed far,

but NOW it's time to lead & fully show up in your leadership & sacred gift offerings.

join the living light lineage of the white rose...

Your moment IS now.
 In The Priestess Leadership Academy, you get an opportunity to develop those skills,
sit with the other women in sacred circle & raise up
your voice, your self-mastery, your ability to evolve life on the planet. 


 the priestess can often...

WANT SO BADLY TO SHARE HER GIFTS, but lacks structure & support to grow that vision


BE BLIND TO THE BLOCKAGES getting in the way of living, speaking & teaching her truth


DABBLE IN HER ART & DESIRE, but NEVER fully commit to her sacred gifts


DISTRUST HER INNER GUIDE, her body and her feminine intuition


LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE through self-love rituals, self-mastery & stepping into divine feminine leadership.

LEARN TO TRUST YOUR INNER VOICE to speak, lead & share your gifts with devotion, compassion & confidence.

UNRAVEL YOUR ANCESTRAL MEDICINE & move through the trauma & self-doubt holding you back.

FEEL THE FLOW of abundance, love, devotion, sisterhood & ancestral clearing in love, pleasure, business & home.


truly stepping
into your divine feminine leadership role

What we do, we do for the planet,
all generations before, & all generations to come

hi, i'm heather...
founder of priestess apprentice. 

You may not know it YET, but you are deeply needed at this time - your voice, your deep, compassionate wisdom, your healing hands, your art, the way you COULD BE walking your ancestral medicine on the Earth....with courage, confidence, passion & devotional leadership.
           The Divine Feminine is rising as a part of prophecy told long ago...
And, YOU,

I know. I  learned how to get through the blockages as wayshower, highly sensitive and attuned to Spirit through focused intention, ceremony and hard work. YOU are here to REMEMBER, as well...

How to get free and raise your voice to teach us,
How to embody sacred leadership,
When to let go,  stand out, listen or step forward,
How to hold space, teach & lead in caring, effective ways.
And, YOU ARE REMEMBERING the way of the fierce woman warrior.

Let me guide you as mentor & master cermonialist to move through the ancestral trauma & personal blockages to become a trailblazing, wild priestess creator that evolves life on the planet.

You can't live a life of passion, pleasure & abundance AND make a difference in the world 

Your heart & soul are CALLING you to act & serve in bigger ways, you just can't see all of the pieces yet

Big visions & helping the planet evolve & usher in the Divine Feminine was too big a task for you alone

There must be another way of teaching & leading on the planet without the burnout, selling out or confusion

If you have ever ever felt. like..

there's no need to play smalL.

well, i am here to tell you
there is another way...

A 6 month initiatory journey to ignite your soul purpose, embody sacred leadership & become the bad ass woman warrior you were meant to become 

Founder of Priestess Apprentice & Galactic Reiki, Heather Straube,

priestess Leadership Academy

apply for a discovery call

For Women Visionaries, Healers & Wayshowers

"Together we create communities & legacies that will change the world from a place of competition, separation & greed to one of cooperation, interconnectivity & healing generational trauma. But, FIRST, our containers must be tight, our foundations must be solid & our conviction mut be unwavering."

priestess leadership academy summer 2021

"This definitely put me on a path of self-mastery. The tapestry of women, levels of experience, each with their own gifts, was beautiful to witness. I have gained knowledge, wisdom and closeness to my ancestors, guides and goddesses of my heritage. My intuition has grown. Practicing ceremony was a gift that is now a practice."

- susan w., portland, oregon

“I have a greater sense of my soul journey and who I am, my True Self. I feel held in this knowing and it helps me to navigate the ups and downs. I also feel connected to different lineages, where I can anchor myself in practices to ground and receive support and guidance. I feel stronger, more empowered in my womanhood and most importantly, more loving with myself!”

- meLaNie p., ashland, oregon


honor & develop  your sacred speaking, space holding & leadership skills so you can bring the sacred back to the earth & every aspect of your life

Enter into the world of sacred (and effective) leadership so you can leave a legacy for generations to come by using Living Light Lineage rituals, protocols, sacred energetic transmissions & mentorship/sister circle to ingite your soul's highest calling & put it into action. I will help you bring that flame to life & manifest the leadership outcomes you know you were meant to bring. You will create & hold space as well.  

Rememember the values you hold so dear to your heart, never bend to the dictates of culture or patriarchy & give your magic in true, authentic ways without the burnout, sellout or copping out. Create a personal & collective vision for how the planet shall evolve, develop or strengthen your practical, loving skills to manifest that vision, your confidence & ability to lead, speak & hold space in ways that nourish your soul & give back in BIG ways.

use the priestess arts, ceremony & the sister circle to strengthen your leadership, so you can evolve life on the planet

what sacred leadership looks like for yourself, your beloveds, the community & the earth

We will use the ancient arts, the art of sacred space holding, altars, rituals, plant medicine, spiritual guides, Isis codes, the  seasons & your natural flow...To get your sacred leadership in its fullest, ripest form, so you can become a trailblazing, wild creatrix that evolves life on the planet one word, one ceremony, one breath at a time.

175-PAGE MANUAL, prayers & 30 hours of master classes & audio transmissions

initiation into the living light lineage of the white rose + certification

twice-monthly (12) live leadership
coaching calls


"Through this process Heather gave me the space, time, guidance and permission to investigate my true feminine nature, my self, my past, my present and future. It provided me with the tools to create my own soul medicine by following my own instincts and intuition, investigating what works best for me and what aligns mostly with who I really am. The creation of my own ceremonies, which Heather witnessed through my reports, was the most important aspect for me. More importantly, it taught me how to heal my self - by myself - on a regular basis, connected with the rhythms of life and with nature.


Isis, The Egyptian Mother Goddess & Sacred Space Holder for Life, Death & Rebirth rites of passage, is our Patron Saintess & guides us through our own soul transformation here. We learn to honor her in this Holy Sofia lineage, as we honor ourselves, all living things & the way of the priestess.

During our 6-months TOGETHER, we meet bi-monthly in one and a half hour sacred circles, I mentor & coach you on your journey & share all of my wisdom techniques  & 30 hours of training materials to assist you on your path towards self discovery, ownership of your medicine/sacred gifts & unravelling ancestral trauma to GET BACK TO YOU & how you came to serve, lead & exemplify love.  We cover shamanic tools,  ceremonies, womb medicine, & a plethora of leadership techniques you can apply to your everyday life.

In  The Priestess Leadership Academy, I take you on a 6-month transformational journey into your own Divine Feminine codes & medicine, train you in the sacred  feminine arts & invite you into my White Rose lineage.

I welcome you into my The Liviung Light Lineage of The White Rose,  an Isis-Magadalene path carved by decades of devotionals, initiations + holding space for others & the Divine Feminine to rise up. You have a chance to be  initiated into the lineage, receive Level One in Priestess Apprentice upon completion & enter the world of  sacred leadership.

the priestess leadership experience

The priestess learning modules
priestess module one

With the energy, support & love of The Divine Mother, Mother Mary & Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood, sacred union & life, death & rebirth, we explore the tattered parts of our childhood and mother wounds to get back to nature, our divine, radiant bodies, & our connection to all living things. we remember how to live through the sacred heart, the Rose. Through setting intentions, creating sacred spaces + learning to occupy space with devotion, tenderness, wisdom, grace, power, courage, + self love, we become the sacred priestesses we were meant to become. 

The Mother Mary Divine Mother Codes
The Element of Earth

priestess module two

Through the Temple of Isis as Sacred Sexual healer, we have the opportunity to awaken our divine feminine potential, our ability to attract what and whom we love, to be the Creatrixes of our own Desire & Univers, & to amplify our power & pleasure capacity. Through sacred sex, sexual power, cleansing, plant & womb medicine, ritual, sacred circles & retrieving parts of our soul that have led us to believe we are victims rather than Creatrixes, we awaken to our sacred gifts & the message we came to tell. 

The Isis Sexual Empowerment Codes
The Element of Fire

priestess module three

Yemanja, the Yoruba Mother Goddess of the ocean, sacred waters, moon, creative power of emotion reminds us that to be in flow as creative artists, healers & visionaries is to be in touch with the element of water, our deep subconscious, our emotional wellbeing, our hearts & the cycles & seasons. Here we ask her to help us turn inspiration into action, to create flow &  structures that work for us & our bodies, to take back our broken hearts & fill up our cups with love/abundance, & to lead with kindness, power & strength. We learn to better discern, live in right relations + to open + protect our hearts.

The Yemanja Creativity/Heart Codes 
The Element of Water


We enter the Temple of Mary Magdalene to get initiated into the White Rose Mystery School, to find & claim our sacred offerings & to retrieve our ancestral medicine.  Mary asks of us a sincere devotion to ourselves, our bodies, humanity & our Beloveds, to be of service while also tending to our needs.. Become one with The Priestess & know the sacred medicine ways of your people & this lineage. We open up our third eye & extra-sensory abilities & clean out the ancestral wounds. Connect with your ancestors, spirit & animal guides & get back to the truth of what your soul came to do.

The Mary Magdalene Sacred Teacher Initiation 
The Element of Air


Sekhmet, the sacred lioness of ancient Egyptian, teaches us that divine rage is useful, powerful, and, if gone unexpressed, is dangerous & undermining. We explore divine rage from centuries of silencing, oppression & playing small, what it means to carry around the Witch Wound, to be appropriated, mystified or silenced & what it means to find your true, authentic voice. Speak with power, creative aggression, love & conviction to create the change in the world you believe needs to happen. What is it you would defend at all costs? 

sacred voice
The Sekhmet truth
speaker Codes
The Arena of Spirit & Sound


According to Jewish mysticism , God is  known as  Feminine & light, called the Shekinah. Let her light your way as you bring all of the pieces together with your sacred calling - teach, learn, hold space, anchor in love. Develop your fierce priestess presence as you share your sacred talk with our group of sisters and lead us in your medicine ways. Feel your voice & Shakti-Isis energy rise with each sound you utter. Through priestess leadership archetypes, soulcrafting your life plan & narrowing down your sacred offerings, you  uplevel your role as leader, priestess & initiate.

SACRED leadership
The Shekinah Leadership Codes
The Arena of Soul

6 monthly training modules on the way of the priestess, empowerment & divine feminine leadership including ONE monthly 30-120 minute Masterclass (MP4 or MP3), monthly ritual theme with step-by-step instructions, Patron Goddess motif, altar, 30-60 minute sacred audio transmission, & tips & techniques ON the priestess arts, speaking & space holding skills, leadership qualities, healing, self-love, the history of the Divine Femine, ancestral clearing and more...

6 Monthly full moon training Modules rituals & mp3 Transmissions

Feature One

Includes 5 Live Priestess Calls with Wisdom Talks, shamanic journeying & clearing, mentorship &  ceremony; 5 Priestess Co-Lab Calls, which includes my mentorship & sister support/breakout groups for the training modules & reflection; 2 Priestess Leadership Calls led by participants (including yourself) in the way of YOUR MEDICINE, your OFFERINGS, & your SOUL MESSAGE.  ALL CALLS DONE ON ZOOM WITH REPLAY OPTIONS.

12 Live Bi-Monthly leadership Coaching Calls (2 hours) with Voxer Support

Feature Two

Get the 175-page manual & dive into the world of the priestess, sacred medicine techniques, self-love rituals, womb medicine & healing ancestral wounds. Receive 30 hours of Master Class training materials, prayers, rituals & leadership workbook materials. Enter the world of the Divine Feminine - through YOU & this Isis lineage - to find your true, authentic voice, secure yourself as a condfident warrior of truth & learn how important your GIFTS & HEART are at this time. 

Initiation into priestess Apprentice Level One & 30 hours of Master Classes

Feature three

A 30-minute RITE OF INITiATION into my Isis lineage, The Living Light Lineage of The White Rose, through ritual, sound & ancestral communications within the Akashic record of your Soul. As well, you get to work with me 1:1 near the end of your journey to reflect & feel support of The Divine Mother. Choose to ADD ON SIX whole months of extra 1:1 mentorship support (SEE BELOW) for a richer experience. Level I certification available upon completion.

two 30-Minute 1:1 Calls, priestess Apprentice Level One certification upon completion

Feature four

In the 175-page PRIESTESS APPRENTICE MANUAL, you will find New Moon & Full Moon Rituals to be conducted during the program, as well as A Womb Medicine/Clearing Ritual, a Mother Wound Forgiveness ritual and tips for conducting ceremony & creating sacred space adequately & correctly. Each month, you will also be provided 6 additonal seasonal and specific rituals geared towards our magical Goddess themes, desires & needs to try... 

12 opportunities to conduct Rituals Around the Full/new Moons, The Mother Wound, Sacred Sexuality & more...

Feature five

Expand your priestess network during 6 months of my White Rose Sisterhood Membership Circle, which meets every second week of the month, nearer to the New Moon. In this membership, you will receive EXTRA monthly New Moon ritual instructions, altar layouts, audio mp3 transmissions, one more optional LIVE CALL with me for personal Tarot card pulls & sister support. Includes its own Voxer text thread, so you have TWO communities to link into!

6 months in my white rose sisterhood membership circle, Monthly Live Call & voxer thread

Feature SIX

“Heather is a blessing in the life of any human being. She played a very important role in my process of healing and knowing myself. From the very beginning we can feel the impact of the authenticity of her spirit and work, which made me feel secure about her 100 per cent. I met her during a fire ceremony and I can tell that that was the moment I started to get in my shoes and feel my true power. Because if she believes in us we can definitely do it as well and know that it’s for real. The...workshop she conducts really changed my behaving towards life and confirmed my deep connection to nature. I am extremely grateful for having the chance of crossing this beautiful soul’s path.”

- vilma vieira, ART HEALER (lisbon, portugal)

apply for CONNECTION call

Connected with self, your sacred mission, other sisters, a mentor who has walked the priestess path & to practical, real-life applications of your empowered, authentic speaking, leading & space holding.

Initiation, training & certification in a sacred Isis-Magdalene Rose lineage & a wide array of ritual, medicine, self-love & self-mastery tools to be used with self & community. 

A deeper understanding of your soul's medicine, why she came, the barriers to fulfilling this prophecy & how to get back to YOUR MEDICINE.

You will walk away from this with... . .

My signature eCourse, GALACTiC REIKI Level One, including 30 minute live attunement & certification ($555 value)

SOUL PURPOSE ACTIVATION Bundle, including 47-page eWorkbook, 20-minute Shamanic Meditation & my Shamanic Life Coaching eBook ($157 value)

10% OFF any ONE program, offer or course  ($300 value)

You can get full access to pla plus all of these extra gifts...

these bonuses

get these extra bonuses...
Ask me how

Add 1:1 support & meet with me privately in a safe, sacred, intimate online space, where you get your questions answered individually, learn self-help techniques, dive into blockages, & get direct feedback. If we work one on one, I take you on a  path to self-mastery, as you unlock the keys to your medicine, create weekly goals, meet with me monthly & practice your art. INCLUDES 6 X one-hour private sessions & private 1:1 Voxer text support! We can do mentorship coaching to support you way beyond Priestess Apprentice in all aspects of your life.

add 6 months
of private mentorship with me

needing more 1:1 mentorship & support?

let's work together!

6 X ONE HOUR MONTHLY MENTORSHIP/coaching calls with me via Zoom

6 X Months of Private 1:1 Voxer audio & text access to me

GALACTiC REIKI Level One,  The SOUL PURPOSE ACTIVATION Bundle & 10% OFF any ONE program, offer or course ($ 350 value)  


1:1 priestess support Includes...

and get complete access to me for 6 months

ADD extra 1:1 SUPPORT

pay in full right now & receive my level two  galactic reiki course to add to the level one included in 1:1 support...

you get galactic reiki I & II to be used over 12 months...

get 1:1 mentorship with me, priestess Apprentice & a year's worth of trainings...

Bonus Offer!

add in...

level II
galactic reiki

"When I first came to Heather, I was in a place of darkness and confusion and where my life was going. I felt like I was at a crossroads and was in search of someone that could guide me to find the answers within myself.  Heather helped me dig deep into issues and traumas from my past to identify why I was struggling in the present- she asked tough questions that probed me to go inward and change the existing programming that was holding me back. She also held me accountable to developing a more disciplined and habitual spiritual practice to keep myself on track through tough times. I had a transformative experience and came out with a lighter, more positive and relaxed person."




emotional flow, energetic cleansing, protecting, sacred tools

Soul Activation

creative powers, sacred sexuality, plant & womb  medicines


altars, sacred spaces, ritual, body & nature devotionals


divine union, goddess leadership styles,
 The art of holding sacred space 

Sacred Leadership

sound healing, sacred works, speaking with passion, healing the witch & sister wounds

Sacred Voice

priestess oath, ancestral healing & spirit guide communication


you want to to play small, be unclear about your gifts & hold unsafe space for others

you think spending money on self improvement is a waste of resources

you are not willing to do the inner work

This is not for you if . . .

you are ready to bring the divine feminine back to her rightful place, in your heart, in your work & in the world

you are ready to succeed at love, self-love & sharing your gifts with the world

you want to speak, hold space & lead with confidence, compassion & clarity

This is for you if . . .

What is being fearless in offering
your true medicine to the world
 worth to you?

there is nothing stopping you from standing in your power. you just have to dive in.

to self-love, to self-mastery, to the divine within.

You get me for up to a whole year through my Priestess training program, one-on-one coaching & my Galactic Reiki Levels I AND II!
Let me be your mentor, guide, confidant & priestess iniator for a year...SO you can fully step into your divine powers, leadership role & enter the world of Divine Feminine Sovereignty.

What are you waiting for?

"The simple act of finally creating an intentional altar has given me the “home base” I needed to connect to the deepest part of myself. Until now, I have never had an altar and it has been the missing link I needed to help me stay grounded and remind me of the sacred in my life. Most importantly, being a part of this circle of women was exactly what I needed, I have made wonderful connections. Heather is an incredible and thorough teacher. I so appreciate her passion and dedication to this work. She is living this work and you can feel it."

- jeannette d'antonio, pREISTESS APPRENTICE INITIATE, (Portland, oregon)

Get All Priestess Apprentice Materials, call Replays, Video Tutorials, transmissions, rituals, Initiation & Certification Options...without the extra time commitment... Independently!

needing more flexibility?

Try my 6 month e-Course/self-Study. 
includes entire coursewithout live calls & sister circles...

“Wow! Thank you, Heather for being a powerful, light force in my world. I am incredibly grateful for you and your gifts. I am stepping into my most powerful, passionate self since my most recent session. The amount of confidence that has come through is mind blowing. Bring it on, life! Stepping out into my day and life with a stronger sense of who I am, what I want to create and am so ready to take it on! I can do it, I can do's already done. I've had the pleasure of working with her twice now. Her presence allows me to open and go deep within myself. She brings out inspiration in me and her guidance comes from a pure place. 

- LAURA AZSMAN (portland, oregon)

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heather straube works with highly passionate womxn in oregon, california & worldwide.